Director, Human Resources and Legal Service

“The past year in human resources has been marked by Génome Québec’s concern with offering its employees a work environment that ensures retention of personnel while attracting the best candidates.”

Our objective is to promote our employees' quality of life, and in so doing, to benefit the organization. By ensuring that its employees are satisfied, Génome Québec will become a more productive workplace that is better able to retain its highly qualified personnel. It is for this reason that we are going ahead with an update of our human resources management practices and adapting management policies to bring them in line with employees' expectations. The labour market is changing, and workers’ aspirations are increasingly focused on improving conditions in their working life, through flexible schedules, recognition programs, ongoing training and the sense of belonging. Génome Québec has responded creatively, both in terms of working conditions and personnel development programs.

Génome Québec at the Genome Games in Montréal

Génome Québec at the Genome Games in Montréal


A major challenge for the Legal Service department

On the legal front, much effort and many resources have been mobilized to support the numerous competitions announced over the course of the year. The numerous Québec projects that have been chosen in Genome Canada competitions have increased the workload at legal services, which had to be flexible in arriving at satisfactory agreements for all the partners.

Governance represents an ongoing task for the Legal Service department, which has to remain on the lookout for changes that affect our sector and ensure that Génome Québec is compliant. This work calls for constant monitoring to meet the organization’s high standards of compliance and ethics.

Valuation of Génome Québec's assets

The past year was also marked by an in-depth review of our intellectual property portfolio, a project that was undertaken with the Scientific Affairs department with the aim of evaluating Génome Québec’s assets. A major initiative aimed at highlighting and marketing the intellectual property resulting from research is currently under way.