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the impact of research funded by génome québec


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the impact of research funded by génome québec

The evolution of Génome Québec investments: From discovery to applied research and translation

More diversified investments: From human health to other sectors of application


Reseach aligned with Québec's strategic needs


Large-scale projects shift toward applied research.

The first ten years were marked primarily by investments in basic research. At that time, large-scale projects relied for the most part on academic research partners.


From 2010 to 2015, there has been, on average, close to six times more researchers per project from the private sector (industry) and twelve times more researchers employed by the provincial government.

These numbers indicate that research funded by Génome Québec is increasingly aligned with private sector needs and government priorities.




Evolution of project teams: more variety and interdisciplinarity


In the first ten years, there were no “user” researchers involved in research projects. Since 2010, we note a major shift, with 122 users now working as project partners. 

This new trend reflects a growing alignment with social and economic needs. Researchers no longer just do research: they must demonstrate that their work will have significant social and economic impact.

This trend, which has prevailed for the last five years, is expected to get even stronger in coming decades. 



World-class expertise


International collaborations have nearly doubled in the last five years, and significantly evolved, as well. This demonstrates the significance and expertise of the critical mass in genomic research developed over the past 15 years.